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I'm an illustrator
and a designer.
I can do one
the other 
or both.

Please feel free to contact me at or you can use the form below.


Thanks in advance for reaching out!


Thanks!  I'll get back to you the meantime have a great day!

As an illustrator & designer I worked for small apparel and accessory companies so I was hands-on in pretty much the entire product to sales cycle.  I'm good in refreshing brands because I grasp the core customer quickly and make changes that won't lose them (or sales). I will save you money on sampling because I am creative and technical.  I have a variety of illustration styles and can refine or develop a new style for your brand.

During the pandemic, I branched out into illustrating children's picture books. I just published my own book about some zany popcorn-obsessed goats under my pen name h. l. gilliger


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